Monday, December 27, 2010


I like reading. When I was small, I spent my free time reading fairy tales (I got that really thick Disney princess fairytale book), 25 Rasul, Anak-Anak Sidek, Ana Muslim, Kawan, Asuh, the Siri Salma and Hadi; those kind of stuffs. Mind you, I wasn’t educated in an English private kindergarten or been sent to kindergarten at the tender age of three or something instead I’m a proud TABIKA KEMAS ALUMNI and really, I entered kindergarten at the age six


Apparently my parents didn’t really believe in sending kids for early education but all four of us did pretty well at school. Only my youngest brother was sent to kindergarten at age 4. And ironically, my mom is a kindergarten teacher, so I could say that we’re home-schooled (?!) LOL.

Okay, so this is not what I’m trying to tell. My family…hmm, let just say that they don’t support the blue flag party, so when I was growing up, my father totally, totally banned Utusan, Berita Harian, NST, Harian Metro (most mainstream newspaper company) etc. in our house. His excuses were – propaganda and brainwash. The only thing that he bought for us to read is Harakah and The Malay Mail.

It’s kinda easy to say that I was brought up in a pretty unconventional way.

The only time where I can read Utusan is when I bought the Sisipan Pendidikan or something to do exercises or when my mother and I want to read gossips in Pancaindera. I remembered I loveeeeee doing the crosswords in Harakah and how reading Zunar’s cartoon made my day eventhough I don’t understand what’s the message he’s trying to tell at that time(duh, obviously).

Zunar to me, is somehow the equivalent of Lat to...everybody else. And for me, it is really devastating when he was kept behind the bar under ISA There goes my entertainment :/

While as for Malay Mail, is a total contrast to Harakah. While Harakah is religious and all, Malay Mail is all for liberals. And I’m thankful to my father for exposing me to these two newspapers. I got best of the both, religiousness and liberalness.

In Malay Mail, I enjoyed reading Iwan’s strip just as much as I enjoy Zunar’s. And guess what, he was also charged. For God’s sake, I grew up with their cartoons and strips, don’t take my entertainment away please.

Conclusion, Malaysian got no bloody humour gene or what? You want to detain and charge all the cartoonists that I love, why ahh?

P/S: Maybe I am the problem here. I bring siao kot, next time I don’t want to like any cartoonist dah laa. HAHAHAHA Btw, about banning the mainstream papers, there’s a popular urban myth about people rejecting interview applicants who read those papers and my dad proudly said that his children are safe. =.=”

Thursday, December 23, 2010


You see, there’s this whole blow-out-of-proportion issue about a dude that confessed that he’s…gay and he’s ok with it. Hmm, my stance on this, I’m not sure whether or not that I’m a homophobe or a ‘rainbow’ supporter but one thing for sure is, he’s gay, sooo?

What I see is that Malaysian (ok scratch Malaysian since I hate generalizing things, let’s say, human?) is denying that ‘this’ is happening. I could see why the rage but hey, he’s gay, what do you want him to say? That he’s not? Why is it that hard for you to digest that bit of fact into your stubborn brain?

I saw some comments that say ‘Kau fikir kau hebat bila cakap kau gay?’ or the equivalent of this. Err, I don’t think the vid was sending through that kind of message. He’s just stating the fact that he’s gay instead of denying it (like what everybody else wants every gay to do) and YOU sir could not accept the fact that he is in fact gay.

Now, I don’t want to comment on whether it is wrong or right for him to be gay, I’m just saying that he’s just stating the fact. And the way all of you not even trying to digest the fact is disturbing. Soo, are you guys the kind who close one eye when you see a gay couple walking happily together at say, Midvalley and then brushes it off (NOEZ THEY IZ NOT GEIZ) because there’s absolutely no gay in this whole world?

It is the same with changing religion status. You know, how people who is out of the religion and tries to change what religion they are now on their IC, and the public goes NOEZ YOU IZ STILL DIZ RELIGION. Why? Why can’t you digest and why you want to deny the fact that they aren’t?

We done our part, we told them what is right to do and they didn’t listen. It is now up to them to decide, and not yours to criticize. Let God do the judging part.

Personally for me, why do I want someone who prays to other God but still having my religion status on his/her IC? It is not about what is morally wrong or right but how you guys refuse to see the reality. Stop denying.

The world is colourful but you guys choose to see it in black and white. What a shame.

Sunday, December 19, 2010


Currently; bloodshot-panda eyes, runny red-Rudolph-nose, head splitting headache. And ha-ha-haaachoo. Ugh snots.

And no, this is not another recreation of Hana Tajima's shawl style. That was a blanket for me to cover my hair while camwhoring my sickness -.-"It seems like everybody getting sick and sicker nowadays. Updates: 5 of my classmates are down with fever :/The weather at Cyberjaya, if I could say, or if I could call it that way; was raging somehow?

Cyberjaya is freezing. (this is a hyperbole of course :p, but it's still true, at least to me)

I kid you not, it was cold there. And should I remind you, despite the large percentage of foreigners at Cyber, it is still a part of Malaysia. My body was shivering during morning and night and sometimes evening as well. It was scary, last Thursday, if I wasn't mistaken, there was a strong wind blowing out of nowhere and the skies were dark, but it wasn't raining though. The wind was strong enough to topple few plates and empty cup (I was at HB3 food court at that time).

Sooo, can we have snow as well? *wiggles eyebrow* Nahh, just kidding. It will be the end of the world when that happened. Oh yeah, while writing this entry, I'm wiping my snots. Shnnngggh

And why am I writing this entry in English? Just realised a few days back that my English is super-duper rusty and God, what happened to my vocabs? Grammar? HAHAHAHA. *Is shooting herself

During English class, I just stared off the space, the four walls, my shoes, my pen and doodle weird things on my note rather than concentrating on what my lecturer have to say (and what I supposed have to listen to). And it's totally not helping that she is very passive and tends to agree with whatever we say or do.

For example, you see, there's a group of international student whose hobby is scrutinising and discussing every freaking details about whatever topic our lecturer decided to teach us. And she just wholeheartedly agrees "I think that's possible" to everything.

You know, if you think they're wrong, just say so. There was no need for you to use a pretext whatsoever.

And to think that I used to love English last sem.

So we were revising for the finals and there was this question where you need to give the equivalent meaning of the words within the context. And dammit, I failed. Hard. It was like, everything I used to know is gone. Poof, just like that. Thus, this is obviously a pathetic attempt of me trying to write in English.

And, am not proud of this. I remembered that I could write better. Or so I think.

For now, I need Panadol. Till then peeps.

Saturday, December 18, 2010


Remember the previous post about my struggle in writing a goddamn essay? Heh, guess what, did an all-nighter trying to finish it. Gilaaaaaaaaaa. Lepas tu, kena sambung tulis essay CS, so basically the whole night is about essay, essay and essay. And in between the essays, how I was distracted with everything else besides the essays, and sipping coffee every now and then, merengek sebab tak boleh fokus. Rasanya aku siap dalam 4 a.m kot, then pegila tidur sementara roomate aku dengan gagahnya stay up lagi.

Bangun-bangun je, bilik jadi camni then sebab English class at 9 a.m, langsung tak kemas terus blah pergi print essay dulu.

Since I've posted pics on my room, kat sini aku nak betulkan sikit misconception pasal IPTS ek. Btw, this is MMU's hostel room. Okay pada yang baru nak masuk intake January or even intake June, kalau korang berangan bilik hostel macam dalam Dunia Baru, kecewalah awal-awal sebab TAK SAMA LANGSUNG.

Bilik takdelah besar mana (tapi sebab kitorang punya bilik top floor besar sikit), dahlah kena share 3 orang (kalau bernasib baik 2 orang je) Cuba bayangkan. Apa korang ingat cantik sangat ke? HAHAHAHAHA *gelak jahat* And malangnya takde lif kat hostel ye, janganlaa bawak barang banyak banyak masa registration day tuu. Kalau dapat top floor cam aku, buat naya je.

Aku paling tak suka dengar bila orang kata budak IPTS spoiled or bahasa ibundanya MANJA. Uh-huh, kitorang kena halau kalau lambat datang kelas. Spoiled sangat. ID card or kat matriks tu kitorang kena buat at our own time, maknanya takde orang nak bagi kat kau sebab kau kena pergi kat office pak guard yang selalu tutup buat kad kau. Cuti sikit. Spoiled habis doe.

Lagi satu stigma, SOSIAL. Sosial tu semua tempat ada, tu terpulang kat diri kau la, kalau kau ter-influence kan ke terikut influence ke. Kitorang takde curfew and boleh keluar all night long selagi bawak ID, and sesungguhnya memang ramai keluar malam pun dan aku pun selalu buat jugak tapi keluar malam tu sosial ke? Aku rasa lagi ramai orang kat library daripada orang yang keluar tuu.

Keluar malam sebab lapar, sebab nak entertainmet (bukan clubbing ek, I mean tengok wayang, karaoke, boling), tu sosial jugak ke? Siang, petang dah berhempas pulas kelas, food courts semua tutup around midnight, kadang kadang kena stay-up siapkan assignment tapi perut meronta-ronta nak makan. Jadi, keluarlah malam. Sosial ke tuu? Fine, it is subjective anyway kann.

And ni stereotype paling best, mesti ramai mamat-mamat hot kann? Aku selalu dapat soalan ni. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA, adoi sakit perut aku gelak tau. Marilah datang Cyberjaya, marilah datang MMU, tengok sendiri. Aku tak cakap apa-apa. Subjective pffft.

Japp japp lagi satu, aku paling tak suka bila orang buat muka kesian bila aku cakap aku study kat MMU. "Takpela, swasta pun. Belajar jugak."

Ehehehe makcik, saya dapat IPTA laa, saya dapat matriks jugak, saya dapat IPTS jugak. IPTS ni pilihan saya, sebab nak dapat degree dengan foundation skip diploma. Bukan sebab saya tak dapat UPU bukan sebab saya tak dapat matriks ye. Ini pilihan yang saya buat dan ramai kata saya gila sebab saya tolak UPU dengan matriks, tapi saya rasa inilah yang terbaik buat saya dan malangnya saya nak kejar impian saya bukan nak ikut semua orang jadi doktor dengan engineer; bukan sebab SAYA BODOH TAK RETI BELAJAR LALU MASUK IPTS.

Buangkan stigma, prejudis dan stereotaip anda ye. Oh ye, MMU bukanla cikai sangat untuk makcik fikir camtu, silalaa klik link ini.

Bak kata Jinwoon;

Fuuhh, emo bila sentuh isu ni. Apa? Belajar science, jadi doktor dengan engineer je ke mulia? Orang yang nak kejar impian sendiri eventhough penuh risiko tak mulia tapi bodoh dan bahlul? Subjective.

Thursday, December 16, 2010


Bilalah aku nak rajin? Assignment berlambak nak mati tapi otak aku asyik fikir nak buat lain, macam sekarang aku tengah type entry blog ni padahal aku sepatutnya siapkan argumentative essay yang bertajuk *jengjeng* "ROMANTIC LOVE IS A POOR BASIS FOR MARRIAGE". Tengah-tengah menulis ditemani alunan suara merdu Se7en melagukan 'I'm Going Crazy', sememangnya lagu yang describe perasaan aku masa ni, sebab satu hapak pun tarak tulis lagi pasal essay ni.

Hari ni, aku baru perasan yang aku suka mencarut lepas bangun tidur. Automatically, mulut aku tergerak nak sebut "FUUUU-*sambung sendiri*" lepas bangun. Aku tau, memang hodoh punya perangai, tapi dah jadi habit, orang lain baca doa bangun tidur aku mencarut especially kalau terlajak tidur, terlepas solat dan terlepas kelas.

Pernah jadi masa bulan puasa yang mulia, hari first pulak tu, aku terlajak tidur dan lecturer aku sememangnya infamous menghalau pelajar yang datang lambat, soo aku bangun menjerit "FUUUUU-" dan terus sambung tidur kembali kerana sesungguhnya sia-sia sahaja aku bersiap pergi kelas. "Mau mati ka?" bak kata orang. Lebih baik melayan mimpi.

Masa makan pulak, aku ada habit yang akan sumbat semua makanan sekaligus. Ya memang hodoh sekali habit tu. Makan polok. Then aku ada lagi tabiat buruk angkat kaki masa makan, ala-ala yakuza. Mak aku memang anti perangai aku, siap pernah ugut nak hantar aku pergi kelas etiquette sebab perangai aku hodoh tak terkata. Dia merasa bimbang dengan masa depan aku, sebab bagi dia tak mungkin ada orang nak ambil aku sebagai isteri.

Tapi aku yang memang suka menjawab, menjawab "kalau dah suka kenalaa terima seadanya". Mak aku jawab balik (sah-sah aku dapat gene menjawab ni from mak aku) "kalau ada orang nak pun, mak dia nak ke?" Memang tak terjawab laa aku. Susahnya hidup, nak jadi diri sendiri orang kata tak boleh bawak jadi bini.

Japp, aku ter-distracted kembali, aku terbukak Mangafox pulak. Payah, tetiba terasa nak baca manga.

Ok, kembali kepada topik (ada topik ke?), aku kena mengaku aku memang tak reti masak. Aku reti buat maggi, goreng telur, buat pasta-pasta, roti bakar, nasi goreng, variasi teknik menggoreng, nugget goreng AYAMAS. Tu je la kot, TAPI, ada tapi ni aku reti buat behind-the-scene punya kerja. Aku mungkin tak reti memasak, TAPI, aku reti menyiang, membersihkan, memotong, mendadu dan banyak men- lagi. CUMA tak reti memasak. Ehe, sebab bila time orang nak masak, aku lari pergi tengok TV.

Senang cerita, aku cepat distracted. Dan cepat bosan dengan something. Dan aku tak suka perangai aku ni.

Orang suruh aku berubah, tapi tapi tapi I want to keep it real. Ya, memanglaa perangai aku hodoh, ya mungkin takde orang nak amik aku jadi menantu tapi bak kata Cobain “I'd rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not.

Aku bukan perfect. Kau pun mestila tak perfect. So takde hak dan klaus untuk kau suruh aku jadi perfect juga, wahai sekalian manusia. Memanglaa Cobain bukanla seorang idola yang bagus tapi apa yang dia cakap tu ada betulnya.

Kalau kau tak boleh terima, takpelaa, tak paksa pun. Kepada bakal mak mentua yang saya taktau sapa lagi, sorry, kalau tak suka takpe. Tapi kalau saya sampai nak kahwin dengan anak awak, tu maknanya saya serius benar tuu jadi saya harap boleh menerima saya dengan seadanya.

Gila random aku ni. Hiish. Apa nak jadi. "ROMANTIC LOVE IS A POOR BASIS FOR MARRIAGE" laa gila. Sambung cepat.

P/S: Wey aku asyik fail letak url betul jadi watermark, at last betul gak. Bahalol la diri sendiri, url blog sendiri pun tarak boleh ingat. EPICFAIL

Monday, December 13, 2010


And here I was, just done watching The Social Network and slurping Nestum for baby and suddenly, randomly I thought of you. Why? I have no freaking clue, probably because we love to talk about movies and I have the sudden thought that hey, you'll enjoy TSN more than I do because you're a geek like that.

God, this Nestum tastes bad, should've known that wheat and honey are not a good combi!

Err, sorry for the distraction but yeah, you see, what I want to talk about is you. And things do get personal when I'm typing in English. It either means; A) I want to reach out to the world, B) I'm in my srz bznz mode and C) It's too personal and yucky to be wrote in Malay.

can you believe that in class there's like 5 people came out with the same design? and it was this brokenheart.

So, yeah, hey you? How'd you been doing? Fine? Great? Got some explaining to do to you, and I thought that you still don't have any fucking idea what I'm trying to make you understand. Listen, I have soooo many other things to write but my friend say, hey let's cut the bullshit and just go straight to the point. And so I do and am mighty proud because I can finally say (or type) what I've been itching to tell you for like...7-8 years (?!) Dunno, I lost count already.

First, I'm not a 'ZOMGISOWUVYOU', so I'm doing fine but bitter for obvious reasons and I'm not into relationship stuff. So, god knows, that a relationship is the farthest on my mind when I wrote 'that' because I've got tons of workloadssssss that I've probably would bitch to you IF we're still in chatting terms =.=

Second, you're a goddamn coward. I'm pissed off and I think I have the rights to be. Of course I didn't type in "REPLY PRZ" but at least have the courtesy to reply it. A "Haha, right..." would do. Because by not replying the PM, my head automatically put you into the NO BALLS list. It makes me want to go on a rampage just by remembering what you did not do.

Third, I found my sketchbook today and I remembered around June is it, that I was pissed at you but for a different reason. It's because I buzzed you on IM and you just replied with "Fine,"
And kaboom gone like that. Gave you another chance and buzzed you again and we clicked. I don't think that I'd give any other people a second glance if they ever do that to me.

Fourth, I wish I could say I hate you or I regretted knowing you, but no, I don't. I don't even regret sending the PM to you.

And I'm still bitter. Angry. Not the least bit sad. But I'm raging. And you should be glad that you're living 6480 miles away from me.

I miss you though :/ Chatting with you is somehow a way for me to bitch about assignments and life.

Quote of the day: "And the dining hall was serving chicken for dinner so I...and I had to feed my chicken. So I...what...I took little pieces of chicken and I gave it to the chicken. Someone must have seen me because the next thing I knew I was being accused of forced cannibalism. I didn't know you couldn't do that. " - Eduardo Saverin; The Social Network


Sunday, December 12, 2010


People wants the easiest way out. That much is obvious. You want to be thinner, you resort to slimming center, slimming pill, detox patch and whatnot; but the reality is that there ain't no easy way out laa. Nak kurus, exercise, control makan, do it naturally.

And sebab tu aku rasa banyak sangat business scam yang swindle duit orang macam tu je. Yang paling buat aku emo, diorang punya target mostly orang tua, lepas tu bait diorang dengan ayat-ayat al-Quran, nama Islamik. Sedih tau, pathetic sangat tengok korang yang sanggup tipu orang tua pastu makan duit haram macamtu je.

Aku tak suka generalise sebab benda ni all over the world, bukan kat Malaysia je, I mean kalau tak mana nak ada manga/drama Kurosagi, swindler yang swindle balik duit orang yang teraniaya dek scams bodoh ni semua. How I wish Kurosagi exists :'( Tapi sebab aku rakyat Malaysia, let me speak about the scams that are happening right now in Malaysia.


Let's see, perkara yang paling aku benci ialah bila orang menggunakan Bahasa Arab yang memang tak necessary langsung, contoh seperti halalan toyyiban. Kau nak tau apa maksud dia? Halal dan baik. Cuma nak bagi gempak, kau cakap gampang halalan toyyiban. Lepastu selit sikit-sikit hadith and excerpt al-Quran (selalunya yang Rasulullah bersabda pasal punca rezeki yang pasal business tu). Pssh, kau jangan nak guna AGAMA for your own fucking importance boleh tak?! Aku paling anti orang macam ni, kau kata kau Islam, kau memang degrade nama orang Islam laa dengan buat benda haramjadah ni. Tolonglaa nak buat dosa jangan drag agama kau sekali.

Then, kaum. Sensitif kan word ni? Kau cakap nak tolong Melayu tapi kau swindle balik duit Melayu, memang cam haramjadah. Bila orang tegur, ayat cliche lagi famous kau, "sapa lagi nak tolong Melayu kalau bukan orang Melayu?" HAHA. Lawaknya. Sekali lagi kau drag nama kaum kau Melayu sambil buat dosa. Eh, rezeki tu datang dari Allah tak kiralaa kau kaum apa pun. Nak kena ingatkan tu jugak ke? Ke dah buta sangat sebab influence cakap besar swindlers tak reti malu ni? Kau jangan nak buat malu kaum, jangan buat orang generalise semua orang Melayu macam ni.

Kau nak buat dosa nak tipu orang, toksah nak drag nama agama dengan kaum kau. Jangan sebab nila setitik rosak susu sebelanga. Anyway, cikgu BM kau masa darjah 1, tak ajar ke, siakap senohong gelama ikan duri, bercakap bohong lama-lama dia rugi? Dunia ni ada ups and down bhai, eventhough kat dunia tak wujud Kurosagi nor Robin Hood but one day your deeds will come back to haunt you. Tak kisahla dalam cara apa pun, sebab kalau Allah nak tunjuk, kau nak lari macam mana kan?

Next, usaha. Kan kita sepatutnya kena berusaha dalam apa cara pun kan? Tapi bukan ke business scam ni semua kata kau boleh buat duit sambil goyang kaki? Salah la tu kan? Tu kau ada fikir tak? Allah suruh kitaa berusaha bukan duduk goyang kaki tunggu duit turun daripada langit.

Nasib baik, syukur ada blog Aidid Muaddib; walaupun dia takdela men-swindle balik duit orang yang kena swindle, at least dengan kewujudan blog dia, ramai orang dah mula sedar tentang hal ni. At least dah ada subconscious dalam diri yang benda-benda ni semua membohong je, tak kisahla founder dia artis kesayangan kau ke, jiran sebelah rumah kau ke, kita kena sedar and jangan tutup sebelah mata pasal hal ni.

Aku memang dari dulu turn-off dengan business pakai testimonial ni. Sebab apa? Sebab design brochure nampak murah dan baghal. Takde negative space antara text buat mata aku berbinar baca. Dahlaa guna font, MasyaAllah, yang hodoh nak mati. Pegi cramp semua benda kat satu tempat, design principle apa kau guna?At least bagila text tu readable. Sakit mata aku tau. Dahla banyak typo =.= Lagila, turn-off berganda-ganda. In general, aku anti benda ni semua initially sebab design dia :p

Tapi sekarang dah melampau, bukan setakat design buruk, niat pun buruk jugak kan. Lagi sekali aku ulang, there is no easy way out. Kau ingat Marc Zuckerberg dengan Bill Gates kaya free-free je ke?

Nota kaki: Lepas tulis entry ni, tiba-tiba aku rasa nak tengok balik Kurosagi. In a way, maybe aku sedar hal ni pun sebab aku tengok Kurosagi back in 2006 :) Moral issue dan forbidden love between a law student and a swindler.


Have a confession to make: I do not have any interest in becoming a photographer. Langsung, memang takmau. Sekali amik, Sem 2 ada Basic Photography punya subject. First time, pegang D90 tu memang rasa terbeban; well sebab kamera tu memang berat pun and I don't have any interest nor passion towards photography or even camwhoring then tuptuptup dapat DSLR.

Memang sumpah bodoh la masa dapat kamera tu, nak tangkap gamba pun aku takut. Apperture, shutter speed, white balance, histogram - mana tau amenda haramjadah semua tu. Even sekarang pun terkial-kial bukak manual tapi bila dah kena buat assignment(s) benda ni faham sendiri. Masa first belajar set up tripod aku dah kena sound, siap masuk tangan lecturer aku yang marah sebab tripod senget.

ohh yeahh, he's angry, just look at the finger!

Tapi bila dah 2 minggu duduk usung tripod sana sini, lama-lama benda tu kau boleh buat sendiri. Masa first potrait shoot aku menggeleb habis sebab aku tak reti handle tripod sangat. Bila dah buat reshoot ni, alhamdullilah, dah reti. Yang paling susah, of course masa kena tangkap gamba waterfall.

Adoi, dahla surface tak rata, pandai-pandai kaulaa kau nak buat tripod kau berdiri dengan jitu dan gagah supaya gambar slow shutter speed tak blur macam haramjadah. Lagi satu, aku nak betulkan perception pasal keglameran menangkap gambar ni, sebab aku tak rasa satu benda pun glamour.
Ini kau kata glamour? Ptuih, mencabar daya ketahanan dan kesabaran aku adalaa.

Gila hapa, masa masuk waterfall tu benda paling penting adalah jaga kamera kau, dahla berat kena usung merata, pastu kena drag tripod bodoh sekali. Lepas tu, masa nak tangkap gamba mulala ada orang perasan gamba mereka ditangkap, padahal aku nak tangkap waterfall. Paling menyampah kalau tetiba aku nampak kelibat manusia masuk viewfinder aku masa nak tekan remote shutter. Tolonglaa, kejap je kot, pergila main tempat lain dulu, satu saat je kak, adoi.

So, setakat ni, experience-experience ni memang buat aku lagi taknak jadi photographer :( Tapi, aku bersyukur la jugak sebab dapat belajar a thing or two pasal tangkap gambar ni. Takdela noob sangat (padahal memang noob pun!).

Btw, hasil gambar yang tak berapa produktif hari ni:

Nota kaki: Saya sudah potong fringe! Ngee ♥ And sumpah aku taktau nak buat apa kalau kena reject lagi :'( Penat, ok?

Friday, December 10, 2010


Alhamdullilah, hari ni shooting potrait berjalan dengan lancar gila sampai aku tak percaya. Thanks to talent yang gila-gila sporting, sebab talent aku dulu memang buat aku nak baling tripod tu kat muka dia.

Talent aku before ni, memang tuut je, suka nak jadi model tapi bila suruh pose seganlaa apalaa padahal takde orang pun. Lepastu letak gambar shoot jadi default kat FB komen sendiri kata buruk, buruk apahal letak default bro?

Kau memang saja nak dengar orang kata kau hot en? Pssh. Cacat betul.

Talent kali ni, bagusla tak banyak songeh, tak kisah langsung bila nampak orang. Sanggup make-up pelik pelik. Sumpah terharu aku masa tuu. Memang senang nak shoot. Oh ya, tema aku "marionette tea party". Lokasi, hehe taman rumah sendiri. Nak mampus kalau lecturer aku tau.
Esok pergi waterfall pulak. Serius aku dah takde idea kalau gambar kena reject lagi. Penat. Kau ingat tangkap gambar senang ke? Kalau setakat tangkap gambar dengan DSLR depan cermin senanglaa. Ohh, aku belum potong bang jadi fringe lagi, mak aku suruh potong esok.

Esok kena bangun awal pulak. Susah.

Ya, aku tau, aku perempuan yang tak boleh dibuat calon isteri. Err, soo?

Psst, donut tiramisu tu sedap ♥

On the side note, susah betul la nak breakup dengan En Facebook. Tiap tiap masa aku rasa nak bukak. Baru sehari aku dah fikir macam-macam, nanti kalau jadi apaapa, nanti kalau ada gossip best, nanti kalau ada benda penting dahla handphone aku tak hidup.

Takpe, chill chill. Tapi, rindu Facebook :(


Aku gatal tangan nak tulis dan tetiba entah dari mana dapat inspirasi nak buat blog. Hari ini aku takde mood nak speaking, esok lusa la aku berspeaking. Aku ingat nak buat Tumblr baru sebab Tumblr kan the shizz right nao tapi tapi tapi nanti orang bising kalau aku tulis panjang kat Tumblr.

So, di sini aku, pada pukul 2.44 pagi menulis sebab tangan aku gatal sangat nak menulis err menaip. Hari ini juga didalam sejarah aku telah deactivatekan Facebook aku. Entah, maybe sebab aku letih, bosan dan jemu. Maybe sebab aku dah lelah dengan semua orang kat sana. Maybe sebab aku addicted sangat dengan FB.

Atau mungkin sebab aku menunggu bulan jadi biru untuk orang tu tegur aku. Atau mungkin sebab aku dah penat 'Go Offline' sebab aku nak avoid orang tu. Mungkin sebab kewujudan manusia-manusia annoying yang sibuk nak IM tapi takde topik haramjadah nak cakap yang buat aku lagi sumpah bosan campur sakit hati.

Esok aku kena reshoot balik potrait photo aku. Sangat malas. Esok aku rasa nak potong bang aku jadi fringe. Esok aku konon nak bangun awal. Esok aku nak ngumpat orang tu lagi. Esok aku nak potrait shoot aku jadi. Esok mesti aku malas lagi.

Bila aku nak jadi rajin? Assignment aku banyak. Tapi buat masa sekarang, aku bosan, letih dan jemu.


Jap, bulan dah biru ke belum? Belum? Kthxbye.

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