Sunday, September 25, 2011

30 - Things

.Well, we have this Internet Application class which like the name implied - obviously we need to create website and weird funky coding stuff. I'm not going to bore people with all the details but all of us girls (I think there were 8 of us) had grace-less-ly slept together in one cramped room like refugees to complete the website. Everybody was laying in every corner of the room, vertically, horizontally, diagonally. It's like a sleepover went really wrong hahaha -.-

.I know it's pretty late to talk about Raya but I still want to write about it. Pagi raya, my lil bro and his accomplices (tldr; my younger cousins) went for kutip duit raya around the kampung. But, unfortunately they left out Ul-Haq (that's his real name btw) cause he arrived late. Ul-Haq asked Pak Long whether the others were lost since they were really taking their time to kutip duit. Pak Long is a policeman and I cracked up listening to his answer:
"Ya, mungkin mereka hilang. Seorang daripada mereka berasal daripada Kajang. Seorang Butterworth. Seorang lagi Kulim. Ya, mungkin. Ketiga-tiga bukan orang tempatan."
HAHAHAHAHA Pak Long buat parody polis!

Random Raya pic cause this post looks dull without any picture.

.I recently stumbled onto one of my old schoolmate's blog. She's the type of girl that excels in her study, the best student, the one that'll cry whenever her paper got B. That's beside the point actually. She wrote in her blog that she hates it when 'those people that take easy courses judge and compare their workloads with science students like her'. Excuse me? *in Tyra diva style

Missy, listen here, the whole world knows that medic or in general science is hard but that doesn't give you any right at all to label other non-science courses as easy. How do you know 'they' had it easy? Just because they're underrated? Anyway, what is deemed as an easy course? I still don't understand this 'I'm so classy and amazing and had loads of calculation and work cause I'm a medic student and no one else has any work to do' mindset. You deserved a bitchslap on the face. Don't get so full of yourself and to think that I respected you.

.I spend my birthday getting sick and finishing my final submissions. I didn't even remember that it was my birthday. Sad life, isn't it? A conversation that really took place on that day.

Classmate: Semalam birthday kau kan? Happy belated birthday!
Me: Haah, thanks, thanks.
Roommate: *nudge my elbow* WEH EH bukan birthday kau harini ke?
Me & Classmate: Ekkkk?
Classmate: Sorry, sorry aku dah confuse.
Me: ...Aku pun tak ingat.

Reason that this happened: Obviously all of us hadn't had any sleep that week. We lost track of dates easily.

.I used to think that it's bull when a comic artist said that he didn't have time to read comic, or an actor didn't have time to watch TV or a model who didn't have time to comb her hair - now I kinda get the gist of it.

.One day in exam hall, I wanted to go to the toilet for my bladder can't hold it in no more. That was the first time ever I feel like going to the toilet in the middle of an exam. So, I asked an invigilator, "Can I go to the toilet?" with my nasal stuffy nose voice. She told me that there's a rule that said you aren't allowed to leave the hall until after 30 minutes have passed.

I spaced out during the whole 30 minutes, I can't concentrate on the paper. I need to go to the loo for God's sake! When the clock struck 3:00 - that is exactly 30 minutes, I called on another invigilator. "May I go to toilet Sir?" He didn't understand me since my voice is more nasal than Rosnah Mat Aris in 4 Madu. "I said, MAY I GO TO THE TOILET NOW SIR?" I heard giggles around my back.

.Yeah, umm, this is weird but err actually I send an article a while back to Terfaktab and it actually got published. I have no clue that it was published because it was Raya and there was no internet line at my kampung so I only got to spazz after coming back. Hahahahaha -.- The only reason I send it to Terfaktab is because I thought it was too jiwang for my own blog. Yup. Did I mentioned that it was published with my full name -NURUL AIN NADIRAH BUKHRI on it? Yup.

.I bought Cecilia Ahern's The Book of Tomorrow Hardcover Version only for RM20! Alas, it is a pre-loved item but it still looks brand new. Go over to Pre-Loved Books.

.I was practically screaming when I saw 50/50's trailer in the cinema. Joseph Gordon-Levitt does that to you.

.On the first day of Ramadhan, I was rushing, literally - I ran from CFC to FCM and people were actually cheering me on -.-But anyway I reached the lift probably looking like someone who had just broke out of jail. As I glanced to my side, there was an Arab guy and assumed there was a few more people innit. The guy beside me made a stupid joke, something I can't remember now but I laughed at it eventhough I was thinking that it was pretty stupid to make a joke inside a lift. But then, the guy looked at me and smiled "Do you feel better now?" And I immediately looked around, it was just me and him! I smiled back at him and nodded almost too quickly.

These little nice things made me appreciate life :)

.I like Fridays in MMU. Not because of Rebecca Black. Yeah Friday is such fun, fun, fun. I could see different races and nationality of people rushing to go to the masjid for Friday prayer. It's such a heartwarming thing to see really.

.You could actually differentiate FCM'ers to their major according to their stereotype. Media Arts student - the guys usually wear buttoned up checkered shirt with really skinny jeans and nicely parted hair with big thick-rimmed glasses. Media Innovation on the other hand - the girls are the mini FOM'ers. AFX always wear a hoodie .

Random post ends here.

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